In May 1985, over 2,000 workers were made redundant at the Michelin Tyre factory at Stoke-on-Trent.

The work experiences of a sample of these workers over their first twelve months after redundancy have already been the subject of extensive research under ESRC project F/00/23/2257. It was clear from the work done then that, even after a full year, major changes in unemployment, self-employment, and employment taken up and ended within the group, were still occurring at a high rate.

The aim of the current research is to up-date this longitudinal work history data over the subsequent twelve month period up to June 1987. The data obtained will be an important means by which labour market adjustments following large-scale disturbances may be better understood.

Start date
01 March 1987
End date
30 August 1987
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Prof Fishman
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