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Constituting markets and transnational social networks

Dr Ruth Fletcher | Socio Legal Studies | 01 October 2003

A socio-legal study of the cross-border support network which has helped irish women to access abortion in britain since 1992

Corporate history, narrative and business knowledge

Professor Michael Rowlinson | Management & Business Studies | 01 October 2003

A study of corporate history produced by large business organisations including a survey of the webpages, annual reports and directories

Developing multilevel models for realistically complex social science data

Professor Harvey Goldstein | Social Stats., Comp. & Methods | 01 October 2003

Multilevel modelling has become widely accepted as a tool for the analysis of complex hierarchical data in the social, health and other research areas. The methodological literature has expanded with many international statisticians contributing to…

Development of a school-based tool for assessing working memory

Dr Tracy Alloway | Psychology | 01 October 2003

The project has two primary objectives. The first aim is to develop a computerized tool for assessing short-term and working memory for use with children aged four to eleven years (automated working memory assessment, awma). This tool provides a…

Dialogue dynamics i: a pilot project

Professor Dov Gabbay | Linguistics (General) | 01 October 2003

The project aims to check the feasibility of a new grammar formalism (dynamic syntax) as the basis for studying dialogue, before engaging in an in-depth formal study. The grammar, which is designed to reflect left-to-right parsing, will be tested…

Diverging paths of post-communist regimes

Professor Richard Rose | Political Science and International Relations | 01 October 2003

This research aims to:

  1. Compare how post-communist citizens in 13 central, east european and post-soviet countries evaluate their new systems of government;
  2. Test competing hypotheses about why citizens differ in

Diversity training and research: putting theory into practice

Dr Louise Pendry | Psychology | 01 October 2003

There is a large body of theory and empirical research on why we stereotype and are prejudiced, under what conditions we stereotype and are prejudiced, and how to best change stereotypes and prejudice (brown, 1995). There is also a growing literature…

Dominant ethnicity and social change - with a focus on the orange order

Dr Eric Kaufmann | Political Science and International Relations | 01 October 2003

This project encompasses three related themes: 1) the orange order in the 20th century : a study in social change - a book and two articles are planned which seek to comprehend the forces which cause the loyal orange institution (orange order ) to…

Econometric modelling of energy and soft commodity prices with applications

Dr S Satchell | Economics | 01 October 2003

The behaviour of energy and soft commodity prices (eg sugar, cocoa, coffee, et cetera) should be of particular interest to financial economists. Financial economists have been concerned, usually, with the behaviour of stock prices, testing for market…

Electing john bull: the changing face of british elections, 1895-1935

Dr Jon Lawrence | Economic & Social History | 01 October 2003

Unlike today, late nineteenth-century election meetings were genuinely open affairs, since their purpose was to demonstrate the support of an active and free citizenry.

The project studied 11 randomly chosen english constituencies at four…

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