This investigation aims to identify best practice principles of official language regulation in Wales, Ireland and Canada. The operation of the Welsh Language Commissioner, established April 2012, together with the impact of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, will be the principal focus. The work will concentrate on the first years of the operation of the Welsh Language Commissioner, which will be tasked with the establishment of national standards of Welsh medium services which are designed to improve on the current instrument of the Welsh Language Scheme, inaugurated under the Welsh Language Act, 1993.
Detailed investigations of the Language Commissioner functions in Ireland and in Canada at both federal and sub-federal level are investigated to offer a comparative and heuristic perspective. The combined research is expected to benefit policy advisers and public servants in the named jurisdictions and others interested in the application of equality measures, human rights, official language promotion/regulation and community empowerment in Europe and North America.
The methodology will combine archive work, literature and document review, field-work and interviews with Language Commissioner Staff, Parliamentary and other Commissioners, politicians, constitutional lawyers and a range of public servants.

Start date
24 June 2012
End date
23 June 2015
Grant holder
Professor Colin Williams
Professor Diarmait Mac Giolla Chriost
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Grant reference
Linguistics (General)
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