In recent years firms are under pressure to reduce environmental impacts of their global supply chains. Customers in many developed countries intend to accuse or boycott firms lacking environmental responsibility if their developing-country supply chain partners are convicted of causing environmental damage. This has triggered the needs for suppliers and customers to coordinate environmental management practices.

This research proposes a novel concept for environmental collaboration among suppliers and customers. The new concept, called “green supply chain integration”, involves the strategic collaboration of partner firms in a supply chain to manage the operational and environmental impacts of supply chain activities by coordinating the intra- and inter-organisational processes. This concept extends the concept of environmental collaboration by integrating environmental management systems across a supply chain.

The research is anticipated to identify effective practices of green supply chain integration that can simultaneously improve operational and environmental performance of firms from developing and developed countries. It contributes to the understanding of policy issues and helps to reframe debates surrounding the adverse effects of the environmental regulation differences between developed and developing countries. The outcomes of this research help to advance knowledge on environmental collaboration and sustainability within the business and management discipline.

Start date
30 September 2012
End date
29 June 2015
Grant holder
Professor Chee Wong
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