Resettlement is a very different way of becoming a refugee from the asylum system since refugees do not have to reach the territory of the destination state. Refugees are selected for resettlement by potential host states, in their country of first asylum. In the UK, refugees are selected for resettlement specifically on the basis of their vulnerability, making adaptation even more challenging.

This research explores the experiences of resettled refugees who arrived in the UK more than five years ago. These focus on those who already have substantial experience of living in the UK differs from previous research in this area and allows the research to explore longer term integration for those who have experienced the dramatic changes associated with resettlement. The research interprets integration very broadly as a wide range of processes that help to facilitate life in a new place.

Through a longitudinal questionnaire, interviews and focus groups with resettled refugees the research will contribute to information on how the integration efforts of vulnerable people arriving in the UK can be supported.

Start date
30 August 2013
End date
28 February 2016
Grant holder
Dr Michael Collyer
Professor Rupert Brown
Dr Linda Morrice
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