A large body of academic literature has emerged in recent years studying ‘electoral authoritarian’ regimes. However, so far, this literature has failed to give satisfactory answers to two fundamental questions:

  • Do repeated elections under authoritarian rule facilitate democratisation or do elections help dictators cling to power?
  • Under what circumstances do mechanisms of democracy promotion affect the consequences of authoritarian elections?



This Research Seminar series aims to contribute to the answering of these questions by providing, for the first time, a platform to discuss the role and impact of elections under authoritarianism from four different perspectives: regional studies, democratisation studies, authoritarianism studies, and the point of view of organisations working in the area of democracy promotion. 

Start date
01 February 2014
End date
31 January 2016
Grant holder
Dr Olli Hellmann
Professor Jeffrey Haynes
Professor Aurel Croissant
Dr Marcus Mietzner
Professor Christian Goebel
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