The spread of the Internet into nearly every aspect of our daily lives has stimulated the growth of a vibrant and expanding set of systems to support social interaction via a range of internet connected devices. Often collectively referred to as social media this set of applications and services are undergoing a highly unstable and dynamic growth as society shapes and is shaped by the emergence of these new capabilities.

To gain insight and understanding into human behaviour researchers have exploited a variety of data analytic techniques from a variety of social science disciplines. These have been used, for example, to automatically derive users’ personality traits, predict and even influence societal outcomes, and to provide accounts of critical societal events.

In this project we will develop a set of services and facilities for the social sciences that will allow researchers to draw upon social media and associated human data to gain insights into human behaviour in a manner that is ethically sound.The process of iterative refinement and release of tools will be complemented by a series of ethical and policy debates to elaborate the handling of Human Data.




Start date
14 February 2014
End date
13 February 2016
Grant holder
Professor Derek McAuley
Professor Claire O'Malley
Professor Svenja Adolphs
Professor Tom Rodden
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