The Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG) provides access to relevant, high quality networked resources for social science researchers, academics and librarians. SOSIG currently describes 6000+ resources in over 200 subject headings ranging from Anthropology to Statistics. SOSIG will provide an Internet resource discovery service (Hub) in the area of Social Science, Business and Law as part of the Resource Discovery Network for UK HE, continuing to add depth and breadth to the SOSIG Catalogue in affiliation with seven external partners. Partners will contribute directly to SOSIG from their home bases to expand Catalogue content. SOSIG will be responsible for the overall management and direction of the service and liaison with the RDNC. In addition to the main Internet Catalogue SOSIG will continue to maintain and develop the following additional services: Database of social science university departments Harvested database of relevant Web sites Thesaurus tool to aid subject searching Conference and course announcements CVs for researchers Mirrors of relevant key overseas resources SOSIG will develop training and support materials to assist external partners in their role, and awareness-raising events (including Roadshows) and promotional material targeted at discipline-specific communities.

Start date
31 August 1999
End date
30 August 2000
Grant holder
Mr Nicky Ferguson
Ms Debra Hiom
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