The psychological processes involved in identifying and categorising objects are central to understanding a variety of topics in education, marketing, and general psychological processing. The aim of the research is to develop and test a new unifying theoretical model of the underlying psychological processes involved in categorisation and identification. More specifically, experiments will be run to test predictions of a new model that has been developed to integrate two previously separate traditions of research: psychophysics and cognition. Recent research has shown that the perception of magnitudes is relative not absolute. For example, the size of some object will be judged relative to the sizes of other objects comprising the context in which the object is judged, rather than against some absolute internal standard. However, findings such as this have not yet been incorporated into models of categorisation and identification. A model of these processes is important for understanding issues such as price perception, where the attractiveness of a given market price will be judged relative to prices for similar products, as well as in absolute terms

Start date
30 June 2001
End date
31 December 2004
Grant holder
Gordon Brown
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