Talent attraction and the factors that make places attractive to creative, mobile talent are key emerging areas of policy interest. The fundamental aim of this research is to understand the performances of regions across the UK and Europe with reference to the knowledge-based economy and to assess the extent quality of place – that is amenities, lifestyle and environmental quality – affect the ability of regions to attract talent and to generate and sustain knowledge-based industry. The project will examine the relationship between talent, technology, creativity and diversity in city-regions in UK compared to those in other European countries and North American metropolitan regions. This work offers a means to further investigate the importance of location decisions in the knowledge economy, the importance of higher education in the knowledge economy and the importance of immigration and settlement, as well as the nurturing of arts and creativity.

Start date
01 January 2005
End date
29 June 2007
Grant holder
Professor Philip Cooke
Professor Ron Boschma
Professor Robert Hassink
Professor Markku Sotarauta
Professor Bjorn Asheim
Professor Bjorn Asheim
Dr Mark Lorenzen
Professor Arne Isaksen
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Human Geography
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