This initiative runs for three years and aims to support the training and development of researchers across the social sciences at all stages of their career. There are two levels of provision. The first level targets researchers inside and outside academia and from a broad spectrum of social science disciplines. Participants of this course will be postgraduate students, contract research officers, research method trainers and mid-career academics with little or no experience of visual methods. In addition researchers from non-academic and applied research communities and social science researchers working in the voluntary and private sectors will find the first level particularly useful. The first level of the training programme comprises of two two-day ‘Introduction to Visual Methods’ workshops each year.

The second level is aimed at more experienced visual researchers seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge who are looking to develop particular expertise in cutting edge visual methodology. The second level comprises of two one-day ‘Visual Research Methods Festivals’ each year.

This dual level programme is delivered through face-to-face workshops, course materials and online via e-learning and will take place at venues north and south of the United Kingdom.

Start date
01 November 2006
End date
31 October 2009
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Dr Jon Prosser
Professor Ruth Holliday
Dr Katherine Wall
Professor David Gauntlett
Professor Mark Birkin
Professor Gill Valentine
Miss Charlotte Bates
Professor Jennifer Mason
Professor Sarah Pink
Professor Steven Higgins
Dr Katherine Wall
Dr Susan Walker
Professor Rob Walker
Professor Marcus Banks
Dr Caroline Dyer
Miss S Pearson
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