This project is designed to look at aspects of reading bearing in mind that individuals differ in their cognitive abilities. Previously, researchers have largely looked at results averaged over a group, although theories have scope for individuals to be different. The research will consist of 2 components:

In the first component of the project, four individuals will each contribute one hundred hours of reading aloud data. The time taken to read the words (the typical behavioural measure in such tasks) will be analysed for their correspondence to simulations of a large number of mathematically specified theories.

In the second component, several measures of cognitive and reading abilities will be taken from a hundred individuals. In particular, the size of certain effects (eg, of the length of the word) that are predicted by several theories will be measured. The way in which these effects vary together (because they have the same root cause) will be checked against the predictions of the theories as determined by simulation.

Both components should inform decisions among the existing theories and motivate future research by suggesting future directions, and supplying databases for the research community.

Start date
31 July 2007
End date
30 July 2010
Grant holder
Dr James Adelman
Gordon Brown
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