TLRP: Measuring the ‘effectiveness’ of programme and pedagogy on maths disposition and self efficacy
This paper formed part of the symposium: Opening doors to mathematically-demanding programmes in Higher Education 2. It aims to report our work in progress on the measurement, methodology and some preliminary results of our analysis on an incomplete data set. We report on the analysis of the effect of some specific ‘process variables’ (pedagogy and Programme in AS level mathematics) on value added to some ‘learning outcomes’ (measures of disposition), and how background variables such as gender, proxies of class, etc. influence these. The data set comprises of disposition measures at two data points early and late in the AS year, and does not yet include measures of grades or UCAS decisions that will follow later in the project. We focus on students disposition to ‘further study mathematically-demanding subjects’ and their ‘mathematics self-efficacy’ in this paper, and find some statistically significant but uninterpretable process effects related to Programme, pedagogy and EMA grant support.
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M Pampaka
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