TLRP: Keeping Open the Door to Mathematically Demanding F&HE Programmes - poster
This poster describes the rationale and methods of the project Keeping Open the Door to Mathematically Demanding F&HE Programmes. This project will investigate how maths courses can be enhanced to widen participation for those at risk of marginalisation and dropping out of maths. The research will compare two FE mathematics programmes: an inquiry based, applied programme known as Use of Mathematics (UoM) and traditional A/S maths to examine their effectiveness in terms of learning outcomes and how they mediate the identities of students in relation to mathematics learning and participation in HE. The project is investigating: (1) How effective is UoM in comparison to A/S level maths in promoting learning outcomes for 16-19 students? (2) How can different pedagogic cultures mediate different learning outcomes for students, especially those at risk of marginalisation? and (3) How do different pedagogic cultures mediate students' mathematical identities and aspirations for further study; and how is this influenced by gender, social class and ethnicity? A combined quasi-experimental and case study design incorporating measures of learning outcomes (attainment self efficacy and intention to participate in FHE) with nested case studies will be used in the research. The Effectiveness of programme will be assessed using data from quantitative measures on 400 students. Case studies will involve observations and interviews with 48 students in 8 classrooms to gain an insight into the complex pedagogic cultures in each classroom and the relation with students' (classed, gendered etc) identity and participation in maths and education generally. Overall, the project will further our understanding of how pedagogic cultures can support participation in mathematics, especially for our targeted non-traditional AS/A2, potential HE learners.
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J Williams
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