This study concerns how children perceive, and act within, their local environment. It draws on educational, geographical and environmental psychology perspectives. The study is set in Bristol, a city, like others, facing significant social, economic, environmental and educational challenges, and is concerned with the effect such an environment has on its young population. The study will be carried out over a 12 month period with 11-12 year old pupils in one school, using an innovative action research based approach to curriculum development relevant to similar urban settings. It will consider how children's environmental experiences can be incorporated into the curriculum through Citizenship and Education for Sustainable Development, exploring how participation in community based action research can help children to become environmentally conscious and active citizens, and so contribute towards more sustainable urban environments. The study aims to:

  • understand children's evolving urban environmental experience
  • increase the relevance of the school curriculum to children, theirfamilies and the local community
  • develop ways of involving children, families and community representatives in curriculum development
  • develop ways of involving children in sustainable environmental action in the local community
  • inform local environmental and educational policy.

Start date
31 May 2004
End date
30 May 2005
Grant holder
Professor William Scott
Professor William Scott
Ms E Barratt Hacking
R Barratt
Professor Andrew Dobson
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