Collaborative Futures New Insights within and between public, private and third sectors.This Seminar Series explores key challenges for public, private and third/community sector collaboration in the new economic environment. It brings together academics working across different disciplines and sectors with policy makers and practitioners, to combine knowledge from different sectors to generate new insights and resources for future collaborations, and to determine whether learning can be translated across these boundaries.

The Seminar series provides an important opportunity for researchers and policy makers involved to reflect on collaborations and to consider future possibilities for theory, policy and practice.The seminars are themed in a series of one day events covering:

  •  leadership, management and boundary spanners
  •  governance and regulation
  •  collaboration and the workforce
  •  innovation and collaboration
  •  collaborative performance.

The series is led by a research team from UWIC, University of Birmingham, University of Aston, University of Manchester and the University of Strathclyde. Further information about the seminar series can be obtained from: Dr Paul Williams, Cardiff School of Management, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff.

Start date
01 November 2009
End date
29 April 2011
Grant holder
Dr Paul Williams
Professor Chris Huxham
Dr Louise Knight
Professor Michael Marchington
Professor Helen Sullivan
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