Digital technologies are profoundly changing society in ways that create significant challenges and opportunities for social scientists. MODE aims to develop methodologies that look beyond language to allow social scientists to study how people behave and interact in contemporary digital environments. It will provide systematic ways to investigate different forms of communication used in digital environments:

  • what people say, write, draw
  • how they use lay out and navigate through rooms, websites and other spaces,
  • how they use their hands and other parts of their bodies to interact with computers, devices and other people in face-to-face encounters.

It will conduct two research projects on how people use new technologies in different digital environments. One research project is located in an operating theatre, where screen technologies are used to look inside people's body cavities, and another one in learning environments where mobile technologies, Geographic Information System technologies and touch screen interactive tables are used to facilitate learning.

Mode will offer a program of innovative research and Training and Capacity Building activities including seminars, lectures, introductory courses and summer schools, and online discussion and support for social scientists from a range of academic disciplines, government, private sector organisations and the public sector.

Start date
30 September 2011
End date
24 April 2015
Grant holder
Professor Carey Jewitt
Dr Rosie Flewitt
Professor Roger Kneebone
Dr Diane Mavers
Dr Sara Price
Dr Neil Selwyn
Professor Gunther Kress
Dr Jeff Bezemer
Dr Myrrh Domingo
Professor Andrew Burn
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