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Gender mainstreaming

Professor Sylvia Walby | Sociology | 01 October 2003

The seminar series explored the concept and practice of gender mainstreaming.  gender mainstreaming is an essentially contested concept, yet has been in active use in policy making.the seminar series explored the productive tensions in the…

Meeting basic needs? exploring the survival strategies of displaced migrants

Professor Peter Dwyer | Social Policy | 01 October 2003

Against the backdrop of increasing numbers of asylum applications from displaced migrants arriving in britain, and a number of important legislative changes to their welfare rights in the last decade, the research considers if the basic housing and…

A history of sexually-transmitted diseases in interlacustrine africa, 1860-1980

Dr S Doyle | Economic & Social History | 01 September 2003

This project will consider the historical development of two of the most important issues affecting modern africa, rapid demographic change and high sexually-transmitted disease (std) incidence. The aim of this study is to explain why interlacustrine…

Reconceptualising writing 5-16: cross-phase and cross-disciplinary perspectives

Professor Roger Beard | Education | 01 July 2003

The teaching of writing has been the focus of substantial national debate because it is the aspect of literacy education that has been least responsive to recent government reforms.

Effects of stress on eating behaviour: an integrated approach

Dr Daryl O'connor | Psychology | 01 March 2003

The study aims to clarify the relationship between stress, eating and health risk. Poor diet is thought to be a major factor in a range of diseases including heart disease and cancer. Previous research has also suggested links between stress and…

Evidence-based policy, theory-based synthesis, practice-based reviews

Professor Raymond Pawson | Social Policy | 01 March 2003

Social research in the uk has taken a distinctly applied turn. The what works agenda has returned to the fore. Evidence-informed policy is the great goal of inquiry. With these shifts the spotlight has been thrown on systematic review as the key…

Rural economy and land use (relu) social science advisor

Professor Neil Ward | Environmental Planning | 01 March 2003

This award funded the advertised post of “esrc social science advisor on rural economy and land use”, in order to support the esrc’s work as the lead research council in developing the rural economy and land use (relu) programme. The relu…

Understanding adolescent smoking initiation: a 4-year longitudinal study

Professor Mark Conner | Psychology | 02 December 2002

Reducing rates of smoking initiation could lead to positive impacts on health. The present research builds upon an existing large, cohort study of adolescents and smoking initiation that was partly funded by esrc (r000223219: testing a social…

The nature and frequency of inaccurate self-reports by job applicants

Dr Militza Callinan | Psychology | 04 November 2002

Organisations and vulnerable individuals suffer significant negative consequences as a result of inappropriate people gaining access to employment positions that provide the opportunity for fraud, violence, abuse and other harmful behaviour. In some…

New forms of professional knowledge and practice in multi-agency services

Professor Angela Anning | Interdisciplinary Studies | 01 October 2002

Joined up thinking and practice for the delivery of services for children are promoted by government policy. There is little research evidence of the reality of service delivery by multi-agency teams. This is the focus for this two year…

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