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Adolescent identity: a comparative study of economic and political socialisation

Grant | Prof Weinreich

Ethnography and religious education project

Grant | Professor Robert Jackson | Education

Although religious educators often refer to religion in the lives of children and young people, and recommend that religious education draw on this experience in their teaching, little research has been done in the area. Using techniques developed…

Race ethnicity and the english middle class 1833-68

Grant | Prof Hall | Sociology

This research is located within the tradition of british social history but uses interdisciplinary approaches to investigate its central object of study - the english c19 middle class. The project aims to investigate the ethnic and gendered…

Policing cultural change and 'structures of feeling' in post-war england

Grant | Socio-Legal Studies

This research will investigate public and professional understandings of policing in relation to english social history since 1945. It will examine how policing has been officially represented in the post-war period; how different sections of the…

Centre for organisation and innovation (coi)

Grant | Dr T Wall | Psychology

The main objective of the centre is to develop a research programme on the economic and social aspects of effectiveness and innovation at work. The research will advance understanding of how work organisation influences the effective use of new…

Evaluating diagnostic tests for cross section econometric models


The motivation for this research derives from the pressing need to assess the reliability of econometric models for cross-section data. The potentially large amount of information now available in cross-section surveys has led to a recent…

An ogsa component-based approach to middleware for statistical modelling

Grant | Professor Robert Crouchley | Social Stats., Comp. & Methods

The main aim of this project was to demonstrate the effectiveness of an open grid services architecture (ogsa) component-based approach to middleware for handling one of the large-scale statistical modelling problems currently confronting e-social…

Centre on migration, policy and society (compas)

Grant | Professor Steven Vertovec | Sociology

The mission of the centre is to provide a strategic, integrated approach to understanding contemporary and future migration dynamics across sending areas and receiving contexts in the uk and eu.

Children's linguistic and compositional processes in writing

Grant | Professor Debra Myhill | Education

The research will firstly analyse the language features of samples of secondary childrens writing in order to describe qualitative differences according to ability, gender or age. The analysis will focus upon how the writing text is organised in…

Collective learning in knowledge economies: milieu or market?

Grant | Professor Philip Cooke | Human Geography

The fundamental aim of this research is to understand the processes technology intensive firms deploy in transforming scientific and technological knowledge into commercial products and services. Focusing on the information and communications, and…

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